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Existence Is Futile - Scott Andrews I was really pleasantly surprised by this book!

It is very difficult to review it, as I think the best part of the book is to slowly uncover the story and realise that things are not at all what they seems.

The story of how Henry is treated by his surroundings because he has experienced something out of the ordinary and not least how he is treated as he has decided to give his honest opinion on the question of faith, was quite disturbing to me. It went to show how limited and set most people's minds and worlds are (albeit exaggerated) - nobody is willing to even listen to Henry, but instead instantly assume that he has gone crazy. The feeling of indignation and frustration that Henry felt, I felt along with him! Which is always a good sign :)

And I thought his retelling of the story of his wife was lovely and heartbreaking.

I won't even get into the whole ninja-element - the only way to explain or appreciate that is to read the book! :)

All these strange elements combine to make a very unusual, emotional and thoughtful book. I loved it!

I received a copy of the book for free from the author through the Read It & Reap programme