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Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson 3.5 stars.
I liked this book's idea very well - Anderson's attempt to show the disjointed and shambled inner workings of a girl suffering from what is essentially a mental illness.
I think she pulled it off nicely, but personally, the thought-stream was a bit too much in the long run for me... I'll be fair though, and chalk it up to my personal tastes and not any fault of Anderson's.

The story premise was well thought-out as well, and I liked that we are dumped into the story and then start to piece together Lia's past with her disorder and her relationship with Cassie.

I'm not sure that (like some reviewers have felt) I felt that Lia was particularly spoiled or ungrateful - I honestly don't think it matters. She is a potential of what happens to some young girls in certain circumstances, and once you're in the grip of a mental illness things such as proper behaviour and consideration of others is no longer anything that exists. It simply ceases to be something that matters in a world where you struggle daily to even stay alive.

That said, my heart didn't bleed for Lia herself, but more for the generally confused, potentially very dangerous, and affectable state of mind young people/teens have when they are trying to become the people they are meant to be... It's a twisty road and this book more than anything to me shows how little it takes for a young person's mind to take a wrong turn at some point and not be able recover on it's own...