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Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Such a lovely story!

I had kept off from reading this for quite some time... My forays into PNR have not been very favourable, as I need a good/believable story in order to enjoy the romance stuff - in the end, I am a fantasy/supernatural reader first and romance/erotica second!
But this story really positively surprised me! I thought the world and especially mythology was really well-done and I liked the main characters... and then I really liked the naughty bits too ;)

There were a few times when I thought the interplay between the brothers became a bit too overdone and "we're so cool", but mostly I think Ward managed to keep them likable and not too tortured (you can be tortured and not just overcompensate all the time!).

All in all, I really enjoyed this story and will definitely be looking into the next books in the series. :)