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Rivers of London  - Ben Aaronovitch A really good Urban Fantasy! I was happy to find something that seems a bit like Dresden Files, which is one of my absolute favourite series.

The main character Peter Grant is particularly likeable - a bit of a bumbling around sort of person, but still serious and "heroic" when it comes to it - and I loved that we meet him as he is just a normal person who doesn't become all-powerful in 2 weeks! Quite the opposite, I actually feel like this is probably one of the most realistic fantasy books in that it's really tied up in our world today.

The plot is twisting and with some surprises along the way that all seems genuine and not forced. But at the same time, it moves along in a nice, quiet sort of way which in my opinion gives you time to really appreciate the events as they unfold.

I'm unsure why this was renamed as "Midnight Riot" for the US version, as I think "Rivers of London" is much more fitting (and the cover is much prettier and less generic ;)

All in all, I'll definitely be following Peter Grant's adventures in the next books!