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Pushing Up Bluebonnets - Leann Sweeney This was my first foray into the so-called "cosy mystery"-genre and I certainly hope that it does not represent the rest...

The mystery part of this story was quite interesting up until the big "reveal" which honestly was just so over-thought and overly done that it was just too unbelievable. And while I was not a big fan of main character Abby before that, her reaction to the big reveal was just too much! So unrealistic!

And even if I liked the general mystery and most of the story... Sweeney's incessant over the top use of random "metaphors" and turn-phrases were driving me mad! No one speaks that way! And while I like real Southern vernacular (from live people), the way Abby spoke seemed like a constant caricature of that...
And the constant mention of food, the weather (we get it! It's really hot!) and long descriptions of what people were wearing... Such random, unnecessary and mostly annoying "information" that served no purpose at all!

So, barely 2 stars for this book which I will gladly admit is just not my type of genre. But I will also argue that despite my personal lack of love for the genre, this book cannot be one of the good ones - the style was simply to annoying for that.