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Red - Kate Kinsey Well, the way I read this book says it all really - I was in the middle of three other books, was just going to read a couple of pages to see what it was like... And 4 hours later, I had spent my entire Saturday evening reading this page-turner!

It's important for me to mention here that I'm normally not a very big crime/thriller fan, in fact, I usually lose interest quickly and couldn't care less who-dunnit...

But Kinsey has managed something I find quite impressive - to write a page-turning thriller which is both informative and sexy AND has characters with more dimensions than 1!

In reality, the murder-solving plot is nothing particular unique, it's the naughty peek into the BDSM world that makes this book. But unlike the (very) few "sexy" novels I've (tried to) read, this book made sure that there was a real story behind the naughty scenes and a plot that actually propelled the story.

I really liked both Gina and Hanson and particularly Hanson's journey of discovery is fascinating to follow sort of from within. I will say though, that it was perhaps not the most surprising journey, but it was a good look into the struggle I imagine many newcomers to BDSM have.
And I think that is exactly what is the best element about this book: Kinsey manages to show us the various stages the people of the BDSM world find themselves in: the newcomer, the experienced and everyone in-between. How some feel completely at peace with who they are, but still find it necessary to hide from the "rest" of the world and how some, despite years of experimentation, still struggle with feelings of being "freaks" and "perverts".

All in all, a really good read! I read in an interview that Kinsey is planning a sequel which I will definitely be picking up :)

Also, I LOVED Griggs! ;)

For full disclosure, I received this book from the author through the Read It & Reap review programme in return for an honest review.