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Enchanted, Inc. - Shanna Swendson This book really gets 3 3/4 stars ;) It didn't "wow" me quite enough to get a genuine 4 star rating, but I really thought it was a fun read AND most importantly, a completely new and novel idea :)

I read a lot of fantasy and I've never read anything that was like Swendson's idea about magic being something you could make a business out of - and she managed to create an Urban Fantasy setting that made it work really well.
The other main reason this book gets almost 4 stars is that Swendson remains true to her story and setting throughout the book - Usually a storyline like this will eventually end up derailing a bit and ending in the huge, cataclysmic magic fight, but while there was a fight, it was short and a lot less dramatic that what I had feared. And most importantly, the conclusion was still the lawyer making the bad guy sign a contract! :) Some might find the ending a bit "quiet" or without the big bang they were hoping for (and with an obvious open ending leading to a sequel), but I really appreciated Swendson sticking with the type of story she had chosen to tell - that's very rare these days especially in anything smelling remotely like Paranormal Romance.

One thing that bothered me a bit was Katie's obvious Mary Sue-ness - while I will go a long way to accept that a main character has to have something special about them/happen to them to get the story going, it was a bit much at times... And to make it worse, Katie kept mentioning her supposed "I don't know how to do anything really worth something" - which just seemed very fake and quite annoying by the end. Otherwise, I like Katie's character and that several of the secondary characters also had some genuine depth.

One last thing that I really liked (and also made me give it 4 stars despite its story in itself only being 3 stars for me) was that Katie and Owen didn't end up together! I really liked it that Swendson decided to keep some suspense and not suddenly "reveal" that Owen had really been in love with Katie all along. I do realise that this might still happen in the later books, but I liked that she didn't just drop it in there at the end and that the story didn't "tie up" so nicely and stereotypical like that
All in all, a fun UF read that had some great story-wise choices that were unusual :)