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Beauty Queens - Libba Bray What a fun book! :)
Very cleverly written and tongue-in-cheek all the way - and Bray seems to be a master of that :) Sometimes it's a bit difficult to decide whether certain events/plot elements are also supposed to be a kind of mockery of the clichés or whether Bray actually doesn't really manage to tell the story without resorting to some very well-worn clichés to keep the action going...

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt for most of them - it matches so well with the rest of the book's tone, and it's super-fun how she manages to portray each character and their circumstances. And what makes this book is definitely Bray's skill and humour, because let's be honest - the story itself is just too dumb and extremely overdone if it wasn't for the way in which it's being told :)

Because I really dig "stranded on a desert island" survivor type stories, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't completely tight in the "factual" situation of the girls' life on the island. E.g. why would they need to use a pumice-stone to sharpen branches into spears, when someone then later suddenly has both a knife and a machete?? And where exactly did that machete come from?! I'm pretty sure none of the girl had packed THAT! Little obvious inconsistencies like that and some characters' obvious Mary Sue-ishness was what kept the book from being a five star.

Because it was overall really well written, fun and just silly in a very good way! :)