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The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus, #1) - Rick Riordan 4½ stars!
What a lovely adventure! There are so many talks about "if you loved Harry Potter - you should read this" for so many books - Rick Riordan is the only writer who manages to pull off the magic!
And it's nothing like HP - it's its own world and Riordan's own voice and it's BRILLIANT! :) I really liked the Percy Jackson series and now I love this new series! :)

The combination of magic, mythology, friendship and humour is fabulous - the awesome characters are powerful, but at the same time just normal teens struggling with the all the issues the rest of us do - and it makes the story... :) And I have to say, Leo and Coach Hedge are some of the funniest characters I've met in quite some time ;)

It's ok that Riordan takes his mythology a little light, it's still really wonderfully done - I for one am looking very much forward to reading the rest of this series :)