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On the Jellicoe Road - Melina Marchetta Wow... This book lived up to all my expectations and then some...

Actually, I find it very hard to write this review because I'm still feeling the extreme emotions that this book inevitably invokes.. I loved the writing and the way the book was structured - the first 50 pages may seem a bit confusing because we are dropped straight into the "action", but it works perfectly.

It's even harder to give any kind of idea of what this book is about - both because it would be difficult to not give away too much, but also because the story itself is not what makes the book so wonderful.

It's the feelings - the feeling of being a teenager or any age human being who deals with love - for friends and family - and sorrow and loss. And how those emotions can overtake us and make us lose ourselves, but ultimately they are also what makes us who we are and makes us human...

I loved this book even though I didn't think I would. It's such a hard-hitter and yet it's never soppy or overdone.
I can't really say more about the story - you'll have to read it and experience its wonder for yourself.