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Queste (Septimus Heap, Book 4) - Angie Sage 3.5 stars for this instalment in the Septimus Heap series.

I generally really like the world that Angie Sage has created and this time, Septimus, Jenna and Beetle are more or less willingly sent on a mission to find Nicko who was lost in the last book.

If I were to give stars solely for worldbuilding, I would be close to 5 stars - Sage has created a world that is entirely it's own and even the slightly silly names and rather insistent bold type can be accepted because Sage is one of the only authors who I think has managed to emulate the fantastic style of Sir Pratchett. Without being quite as eloquent and obviously aimed at a much younger audience, but none the less, the funny and quirky language and storytelling is similar - and that is rare praise!

Story-wise, Queste is very similar to the previous books - and this time even a bit too long for my taste. The lead-up to the actual main story development is very long and slow and Sage seems to get a bit lost in the "let me tell you a bit about everyone"-approach. Again, something that Pratchett masters, but Sage just seems to go overboard a few times and risks loosing the reader.
It's a children's book and that comes across in the rather predictable storyline which contains no real surprises, but as I said, within a wonderful world :)

All in all sweet, enchanting children's book - I will doubtlessly read the rest of the series to follow Sep's adventures :)