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Enchanters' End Game - David Eddings A sweet and fitting finale to the Belgariad series :) I was just in the mood for a classical fantasy story and this is one of the best - everything turns out just as it should, with just the right amount of suffering, but with a happy end for all :)

Eddings takes us on the journey and I would even call this a "feel-good" book if you, like me, love to be swept away in the wonders of a strange world filled with magic and sword-fights :) It is not the type of fantasy that is popular right now, with desperate fates and no clear distinction between good and evil - in the Belgariad, there is only good and evil and we never doubt who is who! :) Which is perhaps simplistic, but for escapist purposes, and let's be honest, most reading is, this series is some of the best :)

So, a solid 4 stars for wonderment and fantasy at its most lovely - despite the lack of originality ;)