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The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake - Aimee Bender Read this as part of a "pick-for-me" challenge, which was great, as I don't think I would have otherwise gotten to it on the TBR list anytime soon :)

Very unusual - I found myself at first disliking Bender's disjointed writing style and rather strange concept for a book that officially falls in the Contemporary pile rather than the supernatural/paranormal file...

But as I delved into the story, I found myself enchanted by the flow of the story - the lack of structure both in speech and time and I really thought that the stylistic choices matched the very odd tale of a rather unusual family...
Other reviewers have commented on the lack of "ending" to the story, but I thought it was wonderful :) Perfectly fitting for such a tale - in my mind, there cannot really be any "resolution" or nice wrap-up, as it is a tale of their lives, not a specific incident.

Hard to review, this book, as it was so unusual and odd (in the best sense of the word), but very easy to recommend! :)