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The Angel's Game - Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Lucia Graves This book was quite hard for me to review. Efter reading just "Shadow of the Wind", Ruiz Zafon won me over as a long-term fan - I still consider it one of the best books I've ever read.

In The Angel's Game, Ruiz Zafon has managed to keep his unique style of writing and to an amazing degree bring to life the gothic Barcelona. As with Shadow of the Wind, his suffering main character is also quite well-written and never seems to become too caught in the mire of his suffering. I think those struggles for something more, both status-wise and in life "values", is one of Ruiz Zafon's greatest skills.

However, the actual storyline in The Angel's Game left me wanting. In the beginning, we are fascinated by the mysterious character, but I quite honestly got a little "ok-get-on-with-it" after the first 200 pages. The actual interactions with Corelli seemed uninteresting "breaks" in the real story of David's personal struggle to me.

And after struggling to get properly invested in the action (instead of just David's going-abouts in that dark Barcelona), I felt extremely let down by the ending. Except for maybe that marvellous fight scene on the cable car!
And it only reinforced my feeling of the irrelevance of the storyline.

That being said, for the sheer wondrousness of Ruiz Zafon's dark and mysterious Barcelona, I would still recommend any fan of his to read this book.