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Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris 3½ stars from me really!

I've been a big fan of "True Blood" and finally got around to reading this! I like (as in the show) the very novel take on the whole vampire mythos and the world-building in general.
I think the reason I wasn't more thrilled was mainly because I already knew the whole story and the "answer" to the mystery - but as I've been told the book and series start to differ very much after the first book, I will definitely give Harris a few more books to hopefully win me over completely :-)

The only actual complaint I have with the writing is that it sometimes seems very... deadpan somehow. Even when there were emotional high-points, the writing never really brought out the trombones and the big orchestra for the swelling of the tears! Even when the grandmother (and the cat) were found dead - the grandmother beaten to death in her own kitchen, no less! I didn't really feel very emotional about it.. Because I didn't feel that Sookie was very emotional. Sure, it said in the text that she was, but I didn't feel it at all, just read it as another plot element...
I'll see whether it was just me as I do plan to read at least a couple more Sookie books :-)