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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I really liked this book! Let that be the first thing I say...

I thought it was lovely and magical and quite a good yarn - actually, I think that might be the best description for it.

I also agree with several others that I think the reason people either love or hate/strongly dislike this book, has an awful lot to do with expectations. If you read the blurb and expect an Eddings/D&D sort of "magical battle to the death" with firework magic duels, then you are bound to thoroughly dislike this book!
If, however, like me, you really have no great expectations (at least not for this book) except that it's about a magical circus, well...

I thought it was well thought out, well executed and with a spin on magic that was different than usual - or at least the telling of the magic was very different from most stories similar to this one.

That being said, the reason why this book didn't get a 5 star rating instead, was because I didn't LOVE it. It was somehow too constructed and too aware of itself and what it was trying to make the reader think and feel. But I will happily spend more time in Morgenstern's company.