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Pandemonium - Daryl Gregory 3.5 stars really...

My first foray into Daryl Gregory who I was really excited to get to know as an author - all the descriptions of his books sound exactly like the sort of thing I like...
And I wasn't wrong. The premise of "Pandemonium" is great - I loved the idea of the random possessions and my favourite parts of the book were the "interludes" and whenever there was a possession.

And the twist or revelation about halfway through the book is really clever! I liked that a lot too and how Gregory manages to implement it in the story and text.

Then why wasn't it 4 or even 5 stars? Because the story itself - the search of Del and his travels to get some help were just not that interesting.. I think somehow the premise would have worked better without a specific main character perhaps. While some of his thought brought life to the whole mythology of the demons, most of it was just going-ons about the same thing over and over again. And while the background history with his family and brother were interesting enough, the trips and relationship with O'Connell were just a bit dull... I almost got stuck halfway through because I didn't really care all that much about what might happen to Del.

So, in conclusion, great premise and wonderful bits mixed into a rather dull and run-of-the-mill "detective" story...