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Before I Go to Sleep - S.J. Watson Really only 2½ stars...

I had seen some of the hype for this book before reading it, but had not paid it much attention.
So, I like to believe that I came to it without any big expectations. Only problem was that Amazon claimed it was reminiscent of "Memento" which is quite high praise IMO.

I really liked the pace of the story - and the "being-dropped-in-the-middle-of-the-action" worked really well for the telling of events and for me to just go along with Christine as she experienced the world.

I think my biggest issue was actually my onset of disbelief AFTER I had completed the book - there was just too many incongruities and situations where it seemed the author had thought "Ok, I need to progress the story - ooh, this makes no logical sense, but I'll do it anyway and maybe I'll deal with it later" and then really forgot all the times she did that! When we know that Christine is living with a fake husband who obviously is not all there (or is at least a VERY dominating and scheming psychopath), it makes no sense that she would be able to keep her journal or the relationship with the doctor secret for that long! I mean, he would have kept a better eye on her!

And while the suspense works quite well and the book is even eerie at times, the fact that a woman can forget everything about her personal life and the people in it, but still perfectly remembers how to do household things and is content to go outside even though she hardly knows her own name, is just too darn (my mother says not to cuss) convenient!

But if you can overlook those things, Watson has a real knack for eeriness and the slow building of suspense (hence the extra ½ star), so I might give whatever she writes another chance.